Terms and Conditions

Instructions and recommendations for packing and storage on Pelican’s premises
By following these instructions, you will be able to package and store your items in a way that ensures that they remain in good condition and ready for use when you need them again. It is up to the customer to ensure that the items are packaged properly. Pelican will not control compliance with the instructions provided.

Packaging instructions
• Fill the boxes with due regard to the size of the items to ensure that under- or over-filled boxes do not tip over when stacked.
• Mark the boxes to make sure you know what each box contains.
• Label boxes containing fragile items to remind you to be careful when handling them.
• Place heavy items in small boxes to make it easier to move them around.
• Detach any removable shelving and bundle it up.
• Where possible, dismantle all assemblies and wrap the components in protective wrapping.
• Wrap furniture and other goods in protective plastic to prevent soiling, dusting or other deterioration of the items due to indoor air.

Books and documents
• Stack books horizontally to prevent damage to their backs.
• Do not place fragile items in the same box as books. Fill all empty space with packaging material.
• Do not overfill boxes. Use small cardboard boxes for storing books.

Clothes and textiles
• Pack clothes and textiles in separate airtight bags and hang them up or place in boxes for storage.
• It is advisable to remove any food and other stains before storage.
• Vermin pose a risk in all conditions. Add mothballs for extra protection.
• For more information on vermin protection, see www.hyonteismaailma.fi.

Tableware and ornaments
• Line the box with cushioning material on the bottom and along the edges.
• Package all items separately. Place bowls within one another with glasses on top.
• Fill any empty space with packaging material.
• Label the boxes with ‘Fragile’ stickers. Do not place any heavy items on top.

• Disassemble the furniture and wrap the components in protective packaging material.
• If a table cannot be dismantled, place it on the floor with the legs up.
• Lightweight chairs can be stacked.
• Finally, place a light dust cover over the furniture.

Lighting fixtures
• Package and protect the lighting fixtures separately.
• Place small fixtures in boxes and wrap large fixtures in bubble wrap or protective plastic.
• Remember not to place any heavy items on top of fragile items.

Paintings and mirrors
• Package the items carefully, protect the corners and place the items in an upright position.
• Use plastic or bubble wrap to protect the items from moisture.
• Tape the package on the reverse side to make it tight and prevent the plastic from chafing against the surface of the item.

Metal, bicycles and tools
• Wipe all metal surfaces clean.
• Bundle all long-handled tools, such as rakes and spades, to keep them together.

Household appliances
• Lock the washing machine drum in position before moving (see the washing machine instruction manual for details).
• Clean and dry the fridge and freezer and leave the doors partly open.
• Large appliances can also be used to store items inside.

Instructions and recommendations for storage
• Make sure that the space you have reserved is suitable and adequate for the type of items you want to store. A storage place must be dry, clean, warm and provided with adequate ventilation.
• Place a base under the items to be stored to lift them some 10 cm off the floor.
• Leave space around the items to allow adequate air circulation.
• Leave access room along the sides to be able to retrieve items.
• When stacking, place heavy boxes at the bottom and boxes containing fragile items on the top.
• Place frequently used items near the door.
• If possible, place couches, beds, paintings and mirrors in an upright position.
• Use all the available space efficiently including headroom.

Security information and rules for the use of Pelican’s facilities – Customers are obligated to follow the instructions for their own safety.

Pelican makes every effort to ensure customer safety. Customers are required to read and comply with these safety regulations to allow Pelican to protect the safety of the customers and their property as effectively as possible.

Access to the storage facilities
For your own safety:
Use your personal code when entering and exiting the storage facility. Make sure that nobody else enters the facility at the same time when you open the door. Also, make sure that you do not enter the facility at the same time as somebody before you in the line. Always use your own personal code entering or exiting to allow Pelican to verify who is inside the facility at any given time.

• The trolleys are intended for customer uses only. Return the trolleys to the marked locations after use.
• Do not climb onto the trolley or allow your children to do so. The trolleys are not designed to carry people.
• Take care when placing items onto the trolley. Do not overload.
• Only use the trolleys on flat ground and with great care if you take them outside the storage facility.
• Never take the trolleys outside Pelican’s grounds.
• Do not use the trolleys to store items in the Storage Units. If it comes to Pelican’s attention that you use the trolleys for storage or keep them in your Storage Unit, you will be required to pay a daily charge for the trolley(s).

Loading and parking area
• Maximum speed in the storage area is 15 km/h. Ask for help if your view is blocked.
• Only park in areas indicated for this purpose. Please remember that other customers need proper access as well.

Inside the facility
• You are responsible for any waste you produce – there is no special waste management service for customers.
• The cost of disposal, removal, transfer and cleaning due to any items, debris or goods left in the loading area or facility grounds, Storage Unit or indoor areas will be charged to the customer.
• Do not let children out of your sight or allow them to run around the facility.
• Do not block the access paths (corridors, gates, doors, driveways, etc.).
• Contact the staff if you detect anything suspicious or see anybody endangering public safety.
• Do not overload the lifts. Place the heaviest items in the centre.
• Do not monopolise the lifts – others may also need the them.
• Stack your items in the Storage Unit with care. Place the heaviest items at the bottom. Do not place any heavy item high up against the wall.
• Take care not to build stacks higher that the storeroom walls. If you need additional space, contact the staff.
• The maximum load bearing capacity of the floor is 500 kg/m2.

Terms of payment
• If you rent a Storage Unit for longer than one month, the rent must be paid on the first day of each month.
• The invoice will be prepared on the 15th day of each month and sent to you within three days. The due date indicated on the invoice is the first day of the following month.
• When a past-due notice has been sent, it cannot be recalled.
• If the Lease is not terminated, it is automatically renewed for a month at a time. Pelican may terminate the Lease subject to one month’s notice. The customer may terminate the Lease subject to one month’s notice to end it at the end of the month provided that the notice is given no later than the 15th day of that month. If the notice of termination by the customer is given after the 15th day of the month, the obligation to pay rent will continue up until the end of the following calendar month.

Fire safety
• The storage facility is provided with fire alarms and fire exits for your own safety. Never tamper with the fire alarms or block the fire exits.
• Alarms are triggered in case of fire or fire drills. Find the nearest fire exit and leave the building immediately.
• Smoking is forbidden in all the buildings. Those who break this rule may be removed from the premises.
General terms and conditions

1. Lease
1.1 The Customer will have the right to store his/her items in the Storage Unit for the number of days indicated in the Lease.
1.2 The contractual relationship and storage of items by the Customer are governed by Finnish law, the Lease, these General Terms and Conditions, and the provisions of the insurance contracts between the parties, if any.
1.3 If the Customer rents a parking place or other agreement different from the terms of the Lease is made with the Customer, these General Terms and Conditions remain in force along with such special terms and conditions insofar as these General Terms and Conditions are not at variance with the special conditions.
1.4 Pelican reserves the right to amend the terms of the Lease, the General Terms and Conditions and any special conditions.

2. Items to be stored
2.1 The Customer may only to store dry items in the Storage Unit. The Customer will not have the right to store items elsewhere on the premises except in their Storage Unit, nor otherwise use any other areas outside the Storage Unit.
2.2 It is forbidden to store foods or explosive, flammable, environmentally detrimental or otherwise hazardous materials in the Storage Unit. The combined weight of the items stored may not exceed 500 kg/m2. If Pelican finds that the stored items may pose a risk to people on the premises, the Customer is required to promptly remove such items from the Storage Unit at Pelican’s request. No items of exceptional value as compared to the type of items normally stored, such as furs, jewellery, cash or other items of value, may be kept in the Storage Unit.
2.3 Pelican accepts no liability for the stored items, the surveillance of the items or other such circumstances. Neither does Pelican accept any liability for any loss or damage to the stored items.
2.4 The Customer is responsible for packaging the items so as to ensure that they are not damaged by any other items left in the Storage Units of other customers. The Customer is required to comply with the general packaging instructions to avoid damage.

3. Use of the Storage Unit and cleaning at the end of the Lease
3.1 The Customer may only use the Storage Unit for the storage of items. The Customer must keep the Storage Unit clean, organised and in good condition. The Customer may not make any alterations to or installations in the Storage Unit.
3.2 The Storage Unit is rented without any interior fittings in the condition in which it is at the time when the Lease is signed. The Customer is liable for any damage to the Storage Unit unless he/she can demonstrate that the damage was not caused by them or anybody for whom they are responsible. No logos, texts or other signs related to the Customer’s activities may be displayed outside the Storage Unit without Pelican’s permission.
3.3 The Customer is required to empty and clean the Storage Unit when the Lease ends. If the Customer has not done so by 12.00 o’clock on the last day of the Lease, Pelican will have the right to have the Storage Unit emptied and cleaned. The Customer is liable to pay the cost of emptying and cleaning the Storage Unit, the minimum charge being EUR 50.00.
3.4 Smoking is strictly forbidden everywhere on the premises.

4. Access and control
4.1 The Pelican premises and specific storage areas are only accessible with the code given to the Customer. The Customer must ensure that the code is not disclosed to any unauthorised personnel. If the Customer suspects that the code has come to the attention of unauthorised personnel, he/she must promptly inform Pelican of this.
4.2 If several people have access to the Storage Unit, each of them will issued a personal code, and the Customer will be liable for all the codes in accordance with section 4.1.
4.3 The Customer must lock the Storage Unit with a tumbler lock to which Pelican will have no key.
4.4 The Customer will have access to the Storage Unit during Pelican’s opening hours or at any other times agreed upon with Pelican. Pelican will have the right to charge a special fee for admitting the Customer to Pelican’s facilities outside regular opening hours.
4.5 Pelican will have the right to access the Storage Unit for the repair or inspection of the property or in case it is suspected that the Storage Unit has sustained damage. To permit such inspections, the Customer is required to provide the key to the Storage Unit, or other ID necessary for access, to Pelican’s representative upon request. Pelican will have the right to remove or order the removal of items, materials and liquids from the Storage Unit that the Customer is not allowed to store there. Pelican will also have the right to access the Storage Unit following termination of the Lease for the purpose of emptying the Unit.
4.6 In the event that any suspicious are brought forward by the authorities, Pelican will have the right to restrict the Customer’s right of access.

5. Rent
5.1 The amount of rent is specified in the Lease. The rent is payable in advance on the 1st day of each month. If the rent is late, a EUR 5.00 charge for the past-due notice applies. The Customer is required to reimburse Pelican for interest on any unpaid rent and the cost of collection.
5.2 Aside from the provisions of the Lease or these General Terms and Conditions regarding Pelican’s right to restrict the Customer’s right of access to Pelican’s premises and or the specific storage areas, Pelican will have the right to prevent the Customer’s access to Pelican’s premises or the specific storage areas (for example, by deactivating the access code or locking the Storage Unit), if the Customer fails to pay the overdue rent following receipt of one (1) past-due notice.
5.3 Pelican will have the right to adjust the amount of rent when it deems it appropriate in view of the market conditions. The Customer will be notified of any such adjustment no later than 30 days in advance.
5.4 The amount of rent cannot be readjusted until at least 3 months have elapsed from the effective date of the previous adjustment. No adjustment of the amount of rent can be made before 3 months have elapsed from the effective date of the Lease.

6. Other terms and conditions
6.1 The Customer must promptly notify Pelican of any change of address or telephone number. The Customer is responsible for receipt of the notices sent to the last address reported by the Customer.
6.2 The Customer may not assign the Lease or sublet or otherwise make available any part of the Storage Unit to a third party without Pelican’s written consent. Pelican will have the right to assign this Lease to or pledge it with a third party.
6.3 The Customer will not have the right to store any third party’s items in the Storage Unit or allow any third party to make use of the Storage Unit otherwise without Pelican’s written consent. The Customer is liable for any loss and damage caused by the Customer or people given access to the premises or the Storage Unit by the Customer.
6.4 Pelican’s representative will have the right to verify that that the Customer is duly authorised to use the Storage Unit or that the people holding the Customer’s code have the Customer’s permission to access the Storage Unit. The Customer must see to it that a person to whom the Customer grants access to the Storage Unit is able to show that such permission has been given. The Customer or person to whom access is given by the Customer as explained above must be able produce valid proof of identity.
6.5 If the Customer triggers a false alarm on the premises or the storage area through the use of an incorrect code, the Customer is liable for all the cost resulting from such a false alarm.
6.6 If the Storage Unit is damaged by fire or other accident to the extent that it is no longer fit for use, the Lease will be cancelled. If so, Pelican is not required to offer the Customer other spaces on the premises for rent until the they have been repaired/reconstructed.
6.7 Pelican will provide lighting for the Storage Unit but will not supply electricity, water or heating unless otherwise specifically agreed with the Customer. Pelican accepts no responsibility for any suspension in the supply of electricity, water or heat unless the suspension is due to structural causes for which Pelican is responsible.
6.8 Pelican guarantees that the air temperature in the Storage Unit remains above zero Centigrade in areas not intended for cold storage. This guarantee does not cover power failures or other force majeure circumstances.
6.9 The Customer is required to verify that the Storage Unit and the areas outside it are suitable for the Customer’s purposes in all respects.

7. Insurance and liability
7.1 Pelican has taken out property insurance that only provides insurance cover for the property in Pelican’s possession. Insuring the items stored is exclusively the Customer’s responsibility.
7.2 Pelican is not liable to any damage to the Customer’s items due to fire, theft, vermin, water, vandalism or other similar causes. Any insurance for the items kept in the Storage Unit must be taken out and paid for by the Customer.
7.3 The Customer is aware that items belonging to Pelican’s other customers are also stored on the premises in which the Storage Unit is located that may have a detrimental impact on the quality of indoor air. Pelican accepts no liability for any loss or damage incurred by the Customer due to the items of or breach of contract by other Pelican customers.
7.4 The Customer is required to take out full value insurance for the items to be stored in the Storage Unit in the event of damage or theft. The Customer is required, upon request, to provide written proof of the existence and coverage of the insurance for the items stored. The Customer may, by way of a specific written agreement and for a special consideration, join the insurance contract between Pelican or a company belonging to the same group of companies (“Group Company”) as Pelican and the insurance company offering insurance cover for the property held on Pelican’s premises to insure the items kept by the Customer in the Storage Unit. If so, the insurance cover and other conditions are determined by the then-current insurance terms. The insurance company bears exclusive responsibility for the insurance cover in respect of the Customer who will not have the right to make any claims against Pelican or any Group Company under the insurance. If the Customer does not have appropriate insurance for the items stored in the Storage Unit, the Customer is required to take out such insurance himself or join the above insurance contract in order to insure his/her property.
7.5 Irrespectiveof the party guilty of negligence, the Customer is liable for any loss and damage sustained by the Storage Unit unless such loss or damage is shown to be due to Pelican’s negligence or structural causes for which Pelican is responsible. Under all circumstances, Pelican’s liability in respect of the Customer is limited to the amount of compensation payable under the terms of the then-current liability or other insurance taken out by Pelican or the Group Company involved. Irrespective of the party guilty of negligence, the Customer is also liable for any loss and damage sustained by Pelican’s premises other than the Storage Unit and the property of third parties kept on Pelican’s premises insofar as such loss or damage is caused by the Customer.

8. Customer database
8.1 The Company is the data controller for the Customer's personal data that the Company may collect, transfer, store or otherwise process as a result of this agreement. The Company is committed to process personal data in accordance with the obligations that follows from applicable data protection law.
8.2 More information on how the Company process personal data and the Customers right's in relation to such processing can be found in the Company's Privacy Policy and Customer Privacy Policy available on the Company's website.

9. Breach of contract and termination
9.1 Without prejudice to its right to invoke other legal grounds for termination, Pelican will have the right to terminate the Lease if the Customer fails to pay the rent following receipt of two (2) written past-due notices within fourteen (14) days of the date of the second notice. The past-due notices are issued at a minimum interval of two (2) weeks. Pelican will have the right to terminate the Lease if the Customer fails to take prompt corrective action following receipt of a written reminder from Pelican to do so. Pelican will have the right to seize the Customer’s property in the Storage Unit as surety for the fulfilment of the contractual obligations by the Customer.
9.2 In the event that the Lease has already expired, Pelican will have the right, without a court order, to sell the items in the Storage Unit that the Customer fails to collect from the Storage Unit within 10 days of receipt of a written request to do so. Pelican will have the right to withhold any proceeds from the sale of the items to cover any overdue rents and other claims, sale and other costs arising out of the termination of the Lease. Any surplus of the sales proceeds will be paid to the Customer when legal grounds for this exist.
9.3 Pelican will also have the right to access the Storage Unit for the purpose of selling the items.
9.4 If the stored items are owned by a third party or are subject to a lien held or right of possession enjoyed by a third party, the Customer is required to inform Pelican of this.

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