Pelican Viikki

Pihlajistonkuja 4
00710 Helsinki
Puhelin:  020 7007 750
Opening hours - Reception
10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 15:00
Special opening hours - Reception

6/11 All Saint's Day: Closed
14/11 Father's Day: Closed

Access to storage units
All days
05:30 - 24:00

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0,75 m2 Locker
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months 14 EUR/mo. Hereafter 28 EUR/mo.
1,5 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months 26 EUR/mo. Hereafter 52 EUR/mo.
2 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months 34 EUR/mo. Hereafter 68 EUR/mo.
3 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months 44 EUR/mo. Hereafter 87 EUR/mo.
4 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months 48 EUR/mo. Hereafter 95 EUR/mo.
7,5 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months 108 EUR/mo. Hereafter 215 EUR/mo.
9 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months 109 EUR/mo. Hereafter 218 EUR/mo.
12 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months 114 EUR/mo. Hereafter 228 EUR/mo.
19 m2 Garage
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months 191 EUR/mo. Hereafter 381 EUR/mo.
21 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months 165 EUR/mo. Hereafter 329 EUR/mo.

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We offer sizes from 1-30m2 in all locations. Call 0207 007 700 to hear more.

About Pelican Viikki

Pelican Viikki is now open right next to Lahti Highway, at the intersection of Viikki and Pihlajisto.

It is very convenient to get to Pelican Viikki also for example from Pihlajanmäki, Malmi, Viikinmäki, Arabianranta, Koskela, Kumpula and Käpylä. You can rent all sizes of storage rooms from 1 to 30 square meters for different needs at Pelican Viikki. In addition to normal self-storage rooms, the building also has many garage-like storages with direct access. Especially many companies prefer these so called drive-up units, as it is so efficient to access them.

The loading area of Pelican Viikki is covered, which makes it easy, dry and comfortable for you to load and unload regardless of the weather. Friendly customer service is there to help you at Pelican Viikki on weekdays from 10 to 18 and on Saturdays from 10 to 15. From the Pelican shop you can buy all you need for packing and protecting your goods for a very good price.

Why Pelican Viikki?
  • Excellent location next to Lahti freeway near the Viikki science park.
  • Heated and safe storages for different needs between 1 and 50 square meters for both private people and businesses.
  • Loading area under a roof and possibility to borrow a trailer for free.
  • Heated garage type storages with direct access to the storage door by car.
  • Receiving service available for businesses.
  • Pelican shop offers high quality moving boxes and other packing materials for a good price.

Hitsaajankatu 8
00810 Helsinki

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