Sales representative values flexibility

Anu Nöthen, a sales representative at Sales Support Finland, is ending her work week at Pelican Self Storage. Nöthen is packing products, brochures and samples to be ready for next week’s client meetings.

The work as a sales representative is mobile. As a part of her job Nöthen visits capital area grocery stores, showcasing new products to store managers. Pelican storage works as a distribution base and it has become a vital part of Nöthen’s daily routines.

“The car is our office. A life without the storage would be catastrophic. It simplifies a lot, the fact that you can come and go as you please”, she explains.

Sales Support does not have a warehouse of their own, but all the sales representatives in charge of their product categories have their own Pelican storage units to store the goods. Two other sales representatives have storage units at the same Pelican location as Nöthen.

The flexibility adds a great value. I mentioned to the Pelican staff that my previous nine square meter unit started becoming too small for my storage needs. As soon as a suitable storage became available, the staff contacted me and asked if I would be interested in it. I have a lot of good things to say about the staff. They do their work extremely well.

The staff at Pelican store also accepts deliveries. Some days Nöthen has 5-6 booked visits with clients so there is a big need for this service.

Sometimes the postal service gives me a call to inform me, that they have a delivery for me, and I can just tell them to deliver the package to Pelican store. I don’t have time to receive the packages myself.

It is easy to visit the self storage, Nöthen says. She appreciates the variety of trolleys and equipment available to help moving things around. Another service that makes daily work chores easier is the possibility to recycle cardboard and plastic. Packaging materials can be easily disposed in recycling containers after the goods have been unpacked and placed in the storage.

“The staff is good, the facilities are clean and everything works. It would take a lot to change this!”, says Nöthen.