Life without storage would be impossible

Located at North-East Finland in Rautalammi, Salli systems is known for their ergonomic saddle chairs and their height adjustable tables.

Head of marketing, Hanna Ojutkangas, and her colleague are responsible for Salli’s operations in the southern Finland area. Their job includes product presentations at fairs and other events, as well as the training of sales personnel. ”We also cooperate with therapists, health and sports organizations, medical centers and rehabilitation centers”, says Ojutkangas.

Pelican Self Storage in Olari works as a base for their operations. The saddle chairs, tables and marketing materials for events are stored in a storage. Ojutkangas visits her storage about once a week.

We don´t have an office or any other kind of facilities in southern Finland, so the storage is very important to us. Without it, the goods would have had to be shipped from the main office. That would have been a terrible waste of time.

It is essential for Ojutkangas that it is easy to get to the storage. You can drive in with your vehicle to load and unload, which can be done inside. Also, there are trolleys and other equipment to help moving your goods. The flexible access hours to the storage are essential to the mobile head of marketing.

“Our working hours are not from 8 to 16, so we need to be able to access our storage whenever needed. Sometimes I need to exchange things with my colleague, and then we might meet directly at the storage. It’s nicer to do things inside and catch up at the same time.”

The service at Olari sites gets full marks from Ojutkangas. The staff accepts the deliveries, and that saves us a lot of time and effort. They deliver the packages straight to our storage.

We always receive a text message, whenever we have a new delivery. This is an excellent system. Cardboard boxes and other waste can be disposed in a recycling container located outside.

What would life be like without a Pelican Self Storage? “Impossible!”, says Ojutkangas.