Goods reception saves the day for entrepreneurs

Jani Eerikäinen from Jalator Oy is packing his car for a new day at work. On his way to a client he stopped by Pelican Self Storage in Konala. For him, it is easy to stop at his storage as Konala is centrally located between both roundabouts and big highways.

“Most of our customers are located at the capital region. We drive by this location basically everyday”, Eerikäinen says while working in his storage.

Jalator Oy is a company that maintains, repairs and installs equipment for auto repair shops. The company does not have facilities of their own as all the work is done at the customers’ place.

Our storage unit has its own entry. It’s easy to load and unload our goods when you can drive your car right up next to your storage.

Jalator has been using Pelican Self Storage since 2016. The need for more storage space has been increasing rapidly within the last two years where Jalator needed to upgrade their unit from 17 square meters to almost 40 square meters. Eerikäinen values the flexibility of Pelican. Different unit sizes are available to suit businesses’ changing needs.

Especially Pelican’s service of receiving client’s goods is delightful for the entrepreneur. The postal service and other carriers deliver packages to the Pelican store where the companies can pick up the goods later when they have the time. Larger packages are delivered straight to the storage unit.

We don’t need to have our own workers here to accept the deliveries. We get a notification whenever a package has been delivered. This is a great service!

The greatest advantage of the self storage for Jalator comes from the flexibility and ease. “We have a customer promise on how fast we handle our agreed work. Here, everything needed for the job, is available at all times and the work gets done without any delays.”